Step 7 Ė Assembling the Pieces, part 2


As you can see she helped me move the monitor into itís new home.It fit so perfectly that I shed a tear of joy.Measuring things before I assemble them is like magic, I never believe that itís going to work but then, as if it were sprinkled by fairy dust, it does. If anyone out there knows what the metal trim piece around the perimiter of the monitor tube does, could you email me and let me know at This address. I really want to remove it but my web searches never turned up a definitive answer about what it does. Any help would be much appreciated.


Update 12/21/07: Thanks to a friendly email I finally got the answer to my question. The metal ring around the screen is the de-gausing wire. It's purpose it to clear color distortion if your apeture grille becomes unaligned. So, if you don't think you will need to de-gauss then it is perfectly safe to remove it.

Note the rail that connects the circuit board tray to the frame.This set up turned out to be stronger than the plastic frame that it came in.


I just had to believe in magic a bit longer to get it into the case.It was so close I thought it wasnít going to go at first.Sexy

This was the most intimidating part of the project for me.Now that this is done Iím really feeling the reality of the worlds first B.E.U.


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