Step 5 Ė Actually start building something.


I put it off as long as I could but itís time to do some woodwork.


I did a reality check and measured all my internal components to make sure that everything would fit.Then I cut out my side pieces.

So far so good.


This is going to be for a baby so Iím going to have to make sure that there are no hard edges.That means using the router, or as I like to call it, the ruining machine.


Iíve had this for almost 5 years and only used it 4 times.I have to admit here that I ruined all 4 projects with it.I think the horrible thing is possessed by deamons.It gets out of control so easily.


Today we are going to turn it around for great justice!

Tested the corner rounder on a piece of wood.It went pretty well.


Then I risked my lovely purple heart wood as I started on the control console.

In your face infernal machine!I got a perfect corner round for the first time ever.The babyís hands are saved.


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