Step 9 – Setting up the Button Console


I’m ready to install my buttons but I can’t assemble the console until I have applied shellac.  I can’t apply shellac until my wife adds her art.  The original plan was for her to do all the painting at the end but I had to have her do the console now because it was a sticking point.


Painting getting underway


And completed!

As you can see the button layout is MAME capable. Once my son is to old for the baby software I will probably cut a larger hole where the blue buttons are and install a joystick. I used a glossy finish so this was surprisingly difficult to photograph.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, the purple heart wood is beautiful.

Here it is mounted in the cabinet.

I mounted the speakers and speaker covers before I put the console in. Then I realized that I had not photographed it. I suspect you are wondering if I could remove the console and get a picture so you can see it. No, I'm afraid not.

Here is a picture of the outside though.

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