Constructing the Baby Entertainment Unit



I am the proud owner of one human baby.  As the months have gone by I have endeavored to be a good daddy and entertain and educate him.  Sometimes I would let him sit on my lap when I used my computer.  He loved to watch the screen but soon I noticed that he was infatuated with the keyboard.  I let him bang away for a while but he had a tendency to get surprising things to happen. (oops, there goes daddy’s resume into oblivion)


Being the clever daddy that I am, I decided to set him up in the living room with a spare keyboard that I had stashed in the basement.  To my surprise, he wacked at it a few times and then lost interest.


Keyboard + screen = entertained baby


Keyboard only = bored


As you can see, my complex mathematical calculations demanded further investigation.  Being a man of science, I decided to persue this demand to its conclusion.


I returned to my computer and turned the full baby fury loose on it.  I watched his eye as he played.  He was primarily watching the screen.  I even saw him become elated when he got a response that he could see and frustrated when to much time passed without a change.  I decided to let him play as long as he wanted.  He actually outlasted me.  Almost an hour of total baby enthrallment as he tried to unravel the secrets of the computer.  Science had spoken!  My 7-month-old baby is aware that the keyboard controls the happenings on the monitor.  (I later observed similar results when I let him play with the television remote control.  Woot!  I got a genius baby instead of a regular one)


There was only one thing I could do.  Build the world’s first baby computer!


The goal of this project will be, “To build a baby operable computer that can run MAME while still keeping it's functions as a normal PC, using spare parts that I have around the house.”  I will aim to spend less than $50 on supplies.


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