Voodoo Velvet

I am the pop surrealist of velvet painting

Someone was wondering about my name, “Why Voodoo Velvet?” they asked?

My answer is simple, "When I lay brush to cloth it's nothing but magic!"

That is the short answer but there is more to consider. When I think of a medium to work in I am not thinking, “Why velvet?” I am thinking, “Why not velvet?” Is there really anything more luxurious then the look and feel of velvet? I have always been surprised that there are not more velvet painters.

Velvet painting is a more modernized version of the tapestry.

Putting images on textiles has long been popular for multiple reasons. Tapestries were used by the wealthy to keep help keep there castles warm while also displaying their style and culture.

The purpose remains the same with velvet paintings. To display your style and taste. Even if we no longer need them to keep warm.

If an image is already fantastic, then it is taken even higher by fine cloth.

If the image is not so nice then don't fault the velvet. Sad dogs and Elvis busts would still be average on canvas.

Moreover, some people have noted that velvet paintings are not painted on real velvet but velveteen which is an imitation. I can't speak for all velvet painters but most velvet paintings are on real velvet. If you buy a Voodoo Velvet painting, you better believe it's on velvet. The textile called velvet is not so much a specific material but a process in which the cloth is assembled. The main types are crushed, royal, and embossed. Each has a slightly different look but all of them are real velvet.

So have a look at the under appreciated art of velvet painting and see it for the diamond in the rough that it truly is. A treasure to the elite.

Voodoo Velvet